How does the search on QuickBay.net work?
The search works similar to eBay. Enter one or more search terms in the search field and then press the Find button. The appropriate search results are displayed immediately.

What does the advanced search do?
The Advanced Search gives you many additional search options.

How is the search result structured?
On the left side the product picture is displayed. If the seller has not set a picture, a placeholder picture appears here.
The right side lists all product information. The offer title is displayed in large blue letters. If there is a subtitle, it will be shown underneath. By clicking on the title or image, the appropriate eBay listing will be opened in a new window.
Below the product title, the remaining article information are listed, such as the current price, the offer format (immediate purchase or bid), the shipping costs, the remaining time, the category with any second category, the item condition (new or used), the seller name with link to the rating profile and any existing shop, as well as the item location.
Depending on the type of product, additional information such as energy efficiency class, price proposal or similar can be displayed there.

What does the link XXL-Picture under the product picture mean?
If a so-called XXL image of the product is available, a link will be displayed below the product image. Clicking on this link will load the matching image in an overlay window. This procedure saves loading time, as only the image that interests you is loaded.