About us

Welcome to QuickBay.net

QuickBay is a new search engine for eBay. Their function is limited to this. We deliberately decided to offer a simple and fast eBay search engine and not another bargain or typo page. So this is all about one thing: finding your way quickly and easily on eBay.

To make this possible, Quickbay.net does not display any advertisements and only actually shows you what you have been looking for. We work completely uninfluenced by any marketing actions. Alternative products, similar shops or suitable accessories are therefore not displayed. Also, our search results page cannot be manipulated by eBay sellers, e.g. by posting top offers or appearing as a sponsored company on eBay. All this ensures that you really only see what you are really looking for. The whole additionally quite fast and both on large screens and on small Smartphones clearly represented.

Here once again our advantages listed:

  • QuickBay is like the name says really very fast :-)
  • No additional advertisements!
  • Free of charge, of course! (We finance this site through the eBay affiliate program. This does not incur any additional costs for you as buyer or seller.)
  • The search is really anonymous! The server logs are not evaluated and Google Analytics is also not used.
  • Your search results will be displayed in the familiar Google News style.
  • No preference or emphasis of marketing actions such as "top offers".
  • The default sorting is like "Soon ending" instead of "Best results" as it is on eBay today.
  • Additionally, it can be sorted by number of observers.
  • Clearly arranged and beginner-friendly advanced search!
  • XXL image is loaded, if available, only on request, therefore short loading times.
  • If you click on the offer name or the corresponding picture, the eBay item will always be displayed in a new browser window. This will allow you to easily return to your search results.
  • A simple click on the seller name lists all offers of a desired seller.
  • Click on the number of ratings to see the seller's rating profile on eBay.
  • If the seller runs an eBay shop, you can view the seller's eBay items by clicking on the term Shop.
  • If the search is successful, the categories and characteristics matching the product are displayed clearly in the category bar. One click is enough and QuickBay shows you the desired results filtered accordingly.
  • The applied search filters are clearly displayed in the upper status bar and can be deactivated with a simple click.

We haven't reinvented eBay search either, but we want to make sure that you find what you are looking for quickly and easily with lots of small ideas and innovations. And that on any of your Internet-enabled devices.